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Franksiche traces its origins back to its inception in 1906 as a a manufacturer of metalware and insulating pipework, based in Schweinfurt, Germany.  In 1952, they produced the world’s very first flexible metal electrical installation pipe, and followed this up in 1959 with the world’s first plastic equivalent.

Continuing their trend as a true innovator, they turned their hand to drainage and produced the very first corrugated plastic drainage pipe.

In 2002, FRÄNKISCHE established their first international operation with the founding of a facility in the United States, and to this date, they now have a presence in 19 countries worldwide.

With well over 100 year of experience, FRÄNKISCHE today are a world-leading manufacturer of pipework systems for a multitude of applications, including heating, drinking water, electrical, and automotive.

We supply the FRÄNKISCHE Alpex MLCP pipework systems for drinking water and heating applications.

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The benefits of Frankische Alpex:

  • Class leading flow rates through our fittings with a 30% bigger bore on average vs our competitors.
  • Very large inspection window – makes seeing the pipe is correctly inserted very easy.
  • 95 °C at 10 bar constant operating parameters – perfect for direct replacement of copper.
  • Highest quality DZR (dezincification resistant) brass which is also lead free (unlike 95% of our competitors).
  • Alpex fittings 16mm-32mm can be crimped with 5 x different jaw contours F, U, TH, H & VP. Sizes 40mm-75mm can only be crimped with the F jaw contour.
  • Alpex fittings have a leak before press function which means that any unpressed joints will be identified at pressure test stage.
  • Modern butt weld construction allows for the pipe to be bent vert tight (as much as twice its outside dimeter).
  • Made in Germany and covered by a €5m insurance back guarantee against any consequential damage caused by a manufacturing defect.

Key features of MLCP in general:

  • MLC pipe is about a third the cost of copper pipe.
  • MLCP is much more price stable – Gives you more confidence pricing projects in the future.
  • MLCP press fittings cost more than copper press fittings. However, you need fewer fittings to install MLC pipe and as such the typical install is approx. 50% less using MLCP vs copper.
  • MLCP has no scrap value so doesn’t get stolen on building sites.
  • MLCP has a much smoother inner bore vs copper which means there is no incrustation /lime scale buildup. Maintenance costs are reduced and pump efficiency is improved.
  • The aluminum core provide 100% oxygen tightness. Less oxygen ingress = less sludge build and up and corrosion within your heating system.
  • By using a press gun, there is no skilled work involved in the same way as soldering joints.
  • Alpex MLCP can be used on secondary hot water return circuits. Polypipe, Speedfit and Hep2o pipes cannot!
  • Press fittings are far more secure vs push-fittings meaning less call backs to site.
  • No hot works means lower insurance and not needing to stay onsite for an extra hour for cool down.

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